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Literally every single statement you made...

Posted on: April 5, 2021 at 21:45:58 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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About “something the CDC said” is a gross misrepresentation or an outright lie that has been debunked by fact checkers. And this coming from someone who I’m certain is no supporter of the CDC and their guidance in the first place is particularly repulsive. All anyone has to do is google the claims you say the CDC said to prove that. Here are just 2 examples so everyone here can see what a dishonest person you are:

1. You claim the CDC said “over 80% of all Covid deaths are from obesity, regardless of age”. Setting aside the inanity (and lie) of claiming they said “Covid deaths are from obesity”, here are the facts, from googling the exact statement you claim the CDC said. A study of about 150,000 adults who were diagnosed with Covid during an ER visit or inpatient visit at 238 hospitals between March and December of 2020, indicated that 71,000 of them were hospitalized. Of those 71,000 who were admitted, 28% were overweight, and 50% were obese. I’m sure as an expert you know the clinical definitions for overweight and obese. The lede of this study was “An overwhelming majority of people in this study who had been hospitalized, needed a ventilator, OR died from Covid have been overweight or obese.” From that study you report faithlessly that “the CDC said over 80% of Covid deaths are FROM obesity.” Just a blatant lie, mixing together overweight people and obese people and mixing together hospitalizations, ventilator use, and actual deaths and stating they were all deaths. All of obese people. Breathtakingly dishonest.

2. You claim that the CDC said “85% of infected Covid patients were habitual mask wearers.” Just look at the debunking fact check Reuters published on 10/20/20 for the real facts. The aim of the study in question was to assess situations of community and close contact exposure, not to assess the efficacy of masks. The lie about what this study said was pushed by social media, Fox News, and Trump. The study looked at over 300 people who were tested for Covid in July 2020, 154 of them tested positive, and 160 tested negative (the control group). It is true that 85% of the study group who tested positive reported wearing masks always or often. It is also true that 89% of the control group said they wore masks always or often. But you don’t mention that, or the context of the study itself. What the study actually did was analyze the activities of the two groups in the 14 days prior to showing positive symptoms and going to get a Covid test at one of 11 health care facilities. The big takeaway of this limited study was that in situations where people can not use masks effectively, such as eating or drinking at a public location, there was a wide difference between the 2 groups: 41% of the group who tested positive reported going to the restaurant or bar in the prior 14 days, vs. only 28% of the people who tested negative. Of course anyone knows, even you, that when you go to a restaurant or bar you are allowed to take off your mask the entire time. The study further found that only 14% of the control group reported having a close contact while 42% of the infected group did, and concluded that close contact also plays a substantial role in the disease spread. The study found that more infected patients had recently been to locations where masks can not be worn effectively, like bars and restaurants. Which is what the study’s aim actually was. But we get none of these facts or context from you, just your parroting of debunked social media and Fox lies and misrepresentations. No halfway honest person would ever claim from this study that the CDC said 85% of infected patients were habitual mask users.

I said I wouldn’t respond to you further, but your misrepresentations and lies were too much. People like you who downplay Covid and mask wearing and social distancing and spread lies about the subject literally get other people as stupid as you killed.
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