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If it looks like...

Posted on: November 11, 2020 at 16:34:47 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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the guards are going to be Blackwell and either Dickson or Mama, then I’m assuming the rest of the starters are Williams, Dufficy, and Frank. Frank not being locked in as a starter by the start of her sophomore season would be a big disappointment after her storied high school career in MO.

That would likely result in Mama coming off the bench at least initially, since Dickson has the proven D1 experience and talent.

But as you said below, Dickson is more of a combo guard, and Mama a pure point guard, quick, fast, great ball control, great distributer. So I’m wondering if there is a lineup variation that includes Dickson and Mama at the same time, along with Blackwell, Dufficy, and Frank. Yes that’s a smaller lineup without Williams. It just seems to me we have 6 starters but only 5 positions.

And it scares me to think of Blackwell doing too much of the work bringing the ball up the court and having too much of the offense running through her. She had to play that role last year because the talent level fell off a cliff. But she was a turnover machine. She shouldn’t be doing a lot of the distributing. She should be getting distributed to.

Kelly seems to be coming off the bench in the frontcourt. Coming off the bench at the guard positions will be Green and MR Smith. I don’t see a ton of playing time for Linthacum or Troup.

I could see us switching between a bigger team with Williams or Kelly in there, and a smaller team with them not.

A lot of questions and keys to the season, but I still think the biggest is how Blackwell fits into a different role than she had last year when RP basically cut her loose and let her play however she wanted to, and lost the short leash she used on other players. She is arguably the most talented player overall on the team, just a bundle of raw talent and energy, but she needs to play under control and in a system. Can she accept that? Biggest question mark for me.

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