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Thoughts on the team

Posted on: November 9, 2020 at 18:34:24 CT
Harvest MU
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Of course we don't know how all these new players will mesh or do against good competition until we have seen a few games, but I like the potential of this roster.

Dufficy, Franks, and Blackwell are all high quality starters. The question marks are obviously at the 1 and 5 positions. With two point guards on the roster hopefully at least one of them will be effective. Dickson figures to start given her much greater experience, but it sounds like Dembele can bring some speed and athleticism off the bench.

At center, Williams looks to me like she may be more of finesse player than a banger, but Dufficy will be a high quality rebounder so maybe the two of them will complement each other. I like the fact they've got Jayla Kelly on the bench as more of a big strong center if they need that. Maybe Micah Linthacum can contribute as well, she has the size at 6'4".

Overall this roster appears to have several talented players. I expect they'll be a lot better as the season goes on, once they get used to playing together and the coaching staff figures out the rotations.
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