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RE: ESPN WBB rankings...

Posted on: November 9, 2020 at 17:57:21 CT
Mizzhope MU
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There seems to have been a good amount of enthusiasm for this years team. I’ve been pretty optimistic myself. Trying to project how this team might do against other SEC teams is difficult as much of the roster is very hard to evaluate .
Some random thoughts.... I hope and wonder if Dufficy might be their most efficient player .
I’ll totally agree with Motiger that the play of Blackwell is one of the big unknowns. Should Blackwell only be a slightly better version of the player she was last season , I’d regard that as an issue , one that would likely prevent this team from making a big jump. With better talent around her she needs to become way more efficient.
If...if Dufficy is a really quality forward, and Blackwell makes significant strides, than yes this team gets way more interesting right away.
I dont regard this group has having great proven depth , so that might be an issue.
If Hansen could miraculously become eligible that would really help as she looks like a real perimeter shooter, something this group needs.
Greatly looking forward to seeing this team.
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