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ESPN WBB rankings...

Posted on: November 9, 2020 at 10:24:57 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Called way-too-early, just came out. Not sure why they call them way-too-early, the season starts in just 16 days, we should see the formal preseason polls in a week or so.

SEC teams in this ranking:

1. SC
8. Miss St
11. Kentucky
12. TAMU
15. Arkansas

Hard to argue with that. SC is the clear favorite in the SEC, and the next tier is going to be MSU, UK, TAMU, and Arky in some order. Those 4 teams should all be top 20.

There’s no reason to think Mizzou can’t lead the next tier. If all the new parts fit together, and Blackwell and Frank have improved, and we get solid contributions from a few freshmen, I think a 6th place finish is reasonable, with maybe an upset or two (or three?) of some of the top 5 in the conference. It’s going to be tough breaking into the top 5 this year, but doable.

The ceiling is probably being ranked somewhere in the 20-25 range by the end of the year, and maybe even making a run at a low national seed and home regional. It’s just hard to predict with much certainty since so much production is anticipated from transfers and freshmen who have yet to play a game in a Mizzou uniform. The reports on Williams being ready to play a big part on the team after barely being used at SC are encouraging, hope they pan out. Great frontcourt play and point guard play are what could make this team better overall, deeper and more talented than any team in the Sophie era.

Also nice for the team (but bad for the sport) that no one uses any eligibility this season. So instead of renting Dufficy and Dickson for just one year, they can both play this season and again in 21-22, if they choose to.

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