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Revisionist History

Posted on: March 21, 2020 at 14:21:57 CT
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Colorado left the Big XII for the Pac 10 in 2010 inorder to be associated with the Pac 10's elite academic institutions and escape being associated with the Big XII's lesser academic institutions..

Nebraska's departure not long thereafter followed a dispute with Texas over the continued admission of Prop 48 kids. Nebraska wanted to continue to allow them to receive scholarships, Texas didn't. The conference schools opted to stop allowing them.

Texas A&M left next in order to escape the shadow of Texas.

In the summer of 2011, the PAC 12's Commissioner, Larry Scott, approached Texas, Texas Tech, OU and OState about moving to the Pac !2 and making it the Pac 16.

About the same time Mizzou, KU, KState and Iowa State agreed to work together to keep the Big XII intact. Brady Deaton, Mizzou's Chancellor, was the "leader" of the group.

The move of Texas, Tech, OU and OState quieted down in the summer of 2011, but was raised by David Boren, President of OU, in news conference in the latter part of the summer. Boren made some comments that OU would put its interests above everything else in any re-alinement discussions.

Then (according to a Deaton interview posted in November 2011 on the Tiger AD web site), Mizzou became very concerned that if OU, etc. moved to the PAC 10 that Mizzou would end up in a conference that would not be able to command as good a TV deal and Mizzou's revenue TV would be diminished. Deaton stated in the interview that he and Alden concluded that Mizzou couldn't live with that happening and Deaton instructed Alden to star looking around for alternatives.

Alden went to the Big Ten and it agreed to admit Mizzou, but would require Mizzou take only a partial conference distribution for the first five years (the same deal that it had offered to Nebraska and Nebraska had taken). Aldon then approached the SEC and it offered to add Mizzou with no reduction in Mizzou's conference distributions. Deaton and Alden jumped on the offer.

It is not clear if Deaton informed KU, KState or Iowa State that Mizzou was looking around for other alternatives after Boren gave his press conference. My guess is he didn't.

The bottom line is Deaton and Alden took Mizzou (with the Curators' approval) to the SEC for the $$$$. If the B1G had offered an immediate full share of conference distributions, Mizzou would be in the B1G today.

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