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RE: WBB Thoughts

Posted on: January 4, 2021 at 13:28:11 CT
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Like the rest of you, I was encouraged by what I saw Sunday. They never gave up (which is more than I can say for me sitting at home watching) and played hard thruout.

I won't echo many of the good points posted here but will add a couple of my own. Obviously, Frank got the memo that she needs to be more aggressive. Coach needs to make sure Hayley gets to see the video of her driving to the basket late in the game for that Plus one. YES, more of that.

It's important that Hansen and Dufficy learn to understand and accept their roles. Both can be major contributors if they do. Hansen seems to be doing just that as she is transitioning from conscienceless gunner to facilitator. And how about those Sophie Style Shorts. Dufficy needs to realize that she's not in Utah anymore and I think she is.

What was up with putting Smith in the game in the last minute when we were desperate for a bucket? And she fumbled the first pass that was thrown to her. I love Blackwell's hustle and tenacity but good grief, diving for that over and back cost us a possession. And Arky immediately hit a 3.

We all owe a certain Tiger an apology so I will simply say, TROOOOOOOOP!
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