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Posted on: January 3, 2021 at 23:18:36 CT
Mizzhope MU
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Agree on Hansen ...at least to see what she brings.
Among the issues .... the problems at point guard are becoming clear. Dembele is not even close to ready to play , the last couple of games have been disastrous for her.
Dickson doesn’t embrace the role of point guard, so hardly see how she fits there. She doesn’t distribute , or make good decisions. Her effort at times looks sporadic. She is best in the open floor and can finish .

Watching this team can be be frustrating. There are several players with some offensive skills so I keep thinking there may be something here . But ..they turn the ball over so much and in such ridiculous ways , they’ll never win much doing that. There movement is poor and the entry passes pretty bad.
Most every set play after a timeout was a bust or never developed .
Defense.. Arkansas shot great but our defense on the perimeter was just woeful. Either lost on a screen ( I still don’t know if their trying to switch are fight through) , or just gave the shooter too much space.
If MU can’t guard three , or contain , they may as well zone. (random thought there)
Blackwell is a magnificent rebounder , but other wise this may not be a very good rebounding team.
I suppose today was in some ways better... but in the 2nd half every time we got close , the careless , or poor decision , next trip,down the court .
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