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Posted on: January 3, 2021 at 22:21:09 CT
MizzouSports-Rob MU
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-A loss is a loss but thought effort and energy was very strong and improved against a very very good team on the road. They got better as game went on instead of looking like they ran out of gas and energy like they did against Bama.
-Even though the announcers were fairly complimentary of Missouri I still didn't enjoy the way they called the game. Several times not sure what was called when whistle blew and they also acted like the game was a blow out for a large part of the telecast and were talking about non gameplay. Like they seemed almost annoyed when Missouri would answer back with a run because they had to talk about what was going on. Maybe just me..
-Troup great game!!! She deserves some major praise because she and Coach have gotten lots of hate for "why is she playing so much". Dembele only played 16 minutes but she has to play less against good teams, she just has been awful against quality opponents! Williams has to stay out of foul trouble and on the court for Missouri to beat good teams, also Coach should have seen her getting that 4th foul quickly after the 3rd in the 3rd quarter because Im sure most of the fans did. Blackwell, Frank, and Dickson pretty good games overall but Frank only going 1-6 from 3 was costly cause she had some good looks she would normally make. They only played basically 8, 7 is really cutting it short rotation wise but not sure how much playing time they can keep giving Dembele, maybe play Dufficy more but then you run into someone playing point guard that would cause more issues. Blackwell goes and gets rebounds but I think they need at least one more player to start rebounding consistently besides her. There was a play I believe in the 2nd quarter where she was off the court and Arkansas missed a free throw and nobody on the floor for Missouri even looked like they wanted to go get the ball and the free throw shooter got the rebound and I am pretty sure they scored that possession.
-Officiating is rarely good in sports and I thought Arkansas got away with a lot of contact in the first half on Missouri plays underneath. I thought the officiating was much better in the 2nd half except for there were back to back what I thought were good defensive plays by Missouri in the 3rd and they called fouls on both plays. In no way am I saying they lost because of reffing.
-Assuming they don't find an opponent for Missouri this week (whether conference or non conference) to play in place of Vanderbilt they will go another full week without a game which isn't great esp. because I think they will continue to show improvement with more games but nonetheless they have to beat Auburn next Sunday! They have been missing there best player (Unique Thompson) for a medical reason the past couple games but even if hopefully she is better and can play they are a bad team and it would be really bad after competing this well against a top 10 team on the road to lose to them even if it's at Auburn.
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