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What was learned from the softball scrimmages...

Posted on: November 3, 2020 at 10:39:13 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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if anything.

It was a small sample, and two key players were injured, Rollin and Nicholson. Rollin of course will start, but I would have liked to have seen Nicholson play, she could challenge for playing time somewhere if she is as good as advertised.

1B: Frizell and Raabe will battle to start, and Frizell will get the nod I’m pretty certain. She is extremely advanced as a hitter even as a true freshman. Raabe is solid and will be a valuable backup.

2B: Several options here. Bailey and Moll got the most playing time, and both looked good. Bailey was a known quantity, excellent fielder, but struggled for consistency on offense her first few years. She made some solid contact in the games I saw, but will she be improved enough there to keep her starting position? Moll looked solid on the field and at the plate. Could be a coin flip between the two when the season starts.

SS: Laird is going to be the starter here as a freshman, but Honnold looked very solid as a backup there. Hope she gets plenty of playing time to keep developing.

3B: Wert is of course the starter. Not clear who is going to emerge as the primary backup.

OF: Wilmes and Kessinger will of course hold down two OF slots, and there are a number of candidates for the third spot and first backups. I think Chaumont will be the starter, she has a live bat and is going to be very good. I was impressed with the true freshman Phillips, and we also have George and Cook out there for depth.

C: Moore of course is the starter, and should push for all SEC honors this year. Always excellent defensively, her offensive game has improved significantly since her freshman year struggles. Warick did most of the catching for the other team and looked very solid as a backup there.

DH: This seems like the only spot for Rollin, I just don’t see a regular position for her in the field now that Laird is here. 2B is her only possible option but both Bailey and Moll look to be so much better fielders that I can’t see LA put a defensive liability out there.

Nicholson is a wild card for me, when she gets healthy she could factor in somewhere.

Pitching: We are going to have the best combination of talent and depth here since the EE era began. No, there is not a pitcher here as good as Chelsea (probably never will be ever), and maybe none as good as Finucane her first two years, but Krings and Schumacher will get most of the starts and both could develop into better pitcher than anyone but Chelsea. Each has 4 years of eligibility left. Weber and Nichols will give us good depth, each also has 4 more years here. I didn’t see Dandola pitch on Thursday or Friday so can’t comment on her. But others have reported she may be returning to her previous form at Hofstra. One of those three could develop as a third starter, my guess right now would be Weber. But we will have 5 quality pitchers, which these days is better than one great one and a big drop off after that.

If everyone stays healthy, and the public health situation in February, March, April allows for a full, normal season (a big if), we will challenge for a national seed somewhere in the 12-16 range, I think. There is going to be a glut of talent in 2021 due to the (misguided) eligibility ruling, so the competition is going to be tougher nationally and in the SEC than ever.

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