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Yes a national seed and home regional is optimistic...

Posted on: April 28, 2020 at 21:09:52 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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maybe overly so. We never once achieved it during the 4 years Sophie was here.

I just see this team as potentially having so much more size, depth, athleticism, and overall talent than any of the teams during Sophie’s tenure here.

I think we can easily go 10 deep, particularly if Hansen is eligible. and put a number of different looks out there, from a bigger to a smaller lineup. Having that many quality players I’m hoping to see more defensive pressure, since we can run so many players in and out and distribute fouls around. A lot depends on the freshmen and transfers of course, we need solid contributions from a number of them. I don’t have concerns about Dufficy, Dickson and Hansen. They are all proven D1 players. More concerned about Williams, the SC transfer, and the 3 freshmen who havnt proven anything at this level yet.

A starting lineup is mostly predictable, but after that who knows. I’m thinking Blackwell, Dickson, Dufficy, and Williams would all start, if Williams is the real deal after limited playing time at SC. Frank could be the 5th starter, and this would have been the conventional wisdom when she was coming out of high school. Most every Mizzou fan would have been highly disappointed if she was not starting by her sophomore season. But she could be used, at least initially, as a 6th man specialist, first off the bench. And the 5th starter could be one of the freshmen, Dembele or Smith, or Hansen if eligible. Then you still have the freshman Kelly, or the senior Green to account for. And I don’t know how Linthacum fits into the puzzle. She may have trouble getting much playing time if Williams and Kelly are getting most of the post minutes.

My dream is that Dembele will prove to be savvy and mature enough to work her way into the starting lineup come SEC time and give us the true point guard Pingeton has never had. If that happens I can see the other pieces falling into place much easier.

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