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Posted on: April 28, 2020 at 20:07:54 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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when you look at Mizzou, there is every reason to believe last year was a perfect storm anomaly, and not predictive at all about the future of the program.

You could say the same thing about Notre Dame, a perennial top 10 team that graduated a ton of talent in 2019 and had a 13-18 record and wasn’t even going to qualify for the tournament. Now I’m not comparing us to ND in terms of history, but they had an awful year but are projected to be back in the tourney, easily, with a top 5 recruiting class.

The guy at ESPN who does this absolutely looks at who has graduated, what players are coming in, etc. He looks at changing rosters, coaching changes, everything. He studies this pretty closely. That’s why Iowa, a projected top 16 national seed for the 2020 tourney is nowhere to be found in the current projections, not in the tournament, not even in tbe first 8 teams out, because they lost a ton of talent. Same thing with Princeton and South Dakota who were easily in the tourney this year but lost key players and are not projected to make the field now. And Arkansas, who has talent returning and a huge grad transfer from Oregon St, is projected as a #4 seed, way higher than they would have been this season.

I think Creme just dropped the ball on Mizzou and wrote us off too quickly and didn’t look closely enough at the talent and size we have coming in, to join with Blackwell and Frank.

Absolutely agree with your last sentence. We will be better thats for sure, how much better is anyone’s guess. That’s why I think our ceiling is a #4 tourney seed and the floor may be as a #10 seed. All depends on getting key contributions from several of the new players, and how all the new faces fit into the team.

But I will be shocked if we don’t make the tourney this year, and not by the skin of our teeth either.

It would really help if the Auburn transfer can play right away, the NCAA is going to vote in May, I believe, on a one time only waiver that will allow all or nearly all transfers to play right away in the 20-21 season.

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