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ESPN WBB bracketology out today...

Posted on: April 28, 2020 at 14:57:42 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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projecting the bracket for the 20-21 season. Yeah it’s early, but I’m starved for WBB news of any kind.

No respect for Mizzou, it’s like we don’t even exist. There are 8 SEC teams projected to make the NCAA field, and a 9th, Alabama, projected in the first 4 teams out group. Mizzou is nowhere to be found. I get that after a 9-22 season we aren’t going to get a lot of respect, but after making the NCAAs 4 straight years before last seasons debacle, it’s like we dropped off the face of the earth as far as the ESPN guy knows.

Here are the 8 SEC teams and their projected seeds:

1 SC
2 Miss St
3 Kentucky, TAMU
4 Arkansas
8 Georgia
9 Tennessee

Last 4 teams in are FSU, USC, K St, St Johns. First 4 out are Bama, Colorado, North Carolina, West Virginia. Next 4 out are Oklahoma, VT, Princeton, Buffalo.

I am very confident that we will make the NCAA tournament next season. Supremely confident. Don’t ask me where I think we will be seeded, could be anywhere from 4-10. But we will be there.
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ESPN WBB bracketology out today... - bluetiger_ MU - 4/28 14:57:42
     Not surprising. We were bad last year. * - go tigers MU - 4/28 21:10:34
     After last year why should MU get any respect... - BandG MU - 4/28 19:01:09
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          My answer is... - bluetiger_ MU - 4/28 20:07:54
               Mama will lead us to the promised land. nm - Deputy Dawg MU - 4/29 06:07:12
               RE: My answer is... - Mizzhope MU - 4/28 20:29:44
                    Yes a national seed and home regional is optimistic... - bluetiger_ MU - 4/28 21:09:52
                    HCRP is going to show if she is a good coach next year - DollarSigns MU - 4/28 20:47:43
     RE: ESPN WBB bracketology out today... - Mizzhope MU - 4/28 16:23:53
          Well here are the benchmarks for an NCAA bid... - bluetiger_ MU - 4/28 22:14:30

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