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I like your confidence...

Posted on: June 10, 2019 at 15:08:05 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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But when you say we have 3 cornerstones, and 2 of them are incoming freshmen who haven’t played a minute of D1 ball yet, that’s a problem, don’t you think?

And when you say, accurately I think, that we still need another great player, and we are hoping/praying someone materializes from the transfer portal just a few months before the season starts, you have to admit something has gone very wrong here with the recruiting and retention of quality players necessary to hold our own in the rugged SEC and to compete for a home regional.

It was imperative after Sophie and Cierra came here to build on that and have several strong classes coming in behind them to lead after Sophie graduated. Here is what we have now:

Senior class:
Smith, Chavis, Roundtree, Schuchts

Junior class:
Green, Brown

Sophomore class:

That’s the problem now as we hope freshmen come in ready to start and flail around trying desperately to get transfers to come here.

Literally nothing (so far) in the remainder of the sophomore class. Hopefully Troup will show major improvement from her first to her second year.

Literally nothing in the junior class. That’s a killer.

And a senior class with just 1 player who could start for any of the top 8 SEC teams, and 3 borderline players, all with some talent in some specific areas but none who are likely to make a big impact. All 3 are more role type players who might add depth to a top 25 team or first division SEC team coming off the bench; but here, now, 2 of these 3 will need to be starters, because there is nothing in the sophomore and junior classes. Yes, Roundtree has improved a lot since her freshman season. But she wouldn’t start at any other of the top 7-8 SEC programs. Neither would Schuchts, or Chavis, who seemed to go backwards in her junior season.

Clearly Pingeton has missed on some signees who havnt panned out. And simply failed to bring in the athletic players, and front court players, needed to excel in the SEC. She failed to up the talent level here after signing Sophie that would have taken this team to the next level. And what is going on with the transfers? It seemed like this never happened here during her tenure. I think someone here said there was only 1 transfer since RP was hired. Now there are 4 in just a few months time, 2 who could have been starters this season and a third, Tahane, who would have given our woeful frontcourt some badly needed depth.

The lone bright spots are the 2 incoming freshmen this year, and 2 promising transfers who won’t play until 2020-21. And the possibility that Garner, after missing all this year, will develop into an impact player.

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