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Good post, saying Mizzou WBB...

Posted on: June 9, 2019 at 11:50:50 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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is a disaster is just not accurate. There are some key pieces being put in place for the post-Sophie era, but my concern is that literally every one of them are unknowns at this point: freshmen, transfers, and potential transfers. But there are some serious concerns on the horizon, beyond the uncertainty of how many of these future players will be the real deal (certainly Blackwell, Frank, and Dickson seem to have high probabilities of adding significantly to the team).

One of my bigger concerns is we have now had 2 straight classes pretty much blown up on us, and those are going to be big holes that we can’t get back; we can only hope to mitigate them through transfers, which is always an iffy process.

We are getting literally nothing from the current sophomore class:

Winfrey (gone now)
Tahane (gone now)

And look at the vaunted freshman class now:

Berg (gone)
Levy (gone)
Troup (3ppg as a RS frosh)
Garner (MIA, so far)

That’s tough for any team, but particularly a team like Mizzou which struggles to keep up with the elite in college BB in the SEC and the nation in terms of pure talent. To get so little out of 2 classes in a row is pretty depressing.
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