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We are probably a lot closer on this...

Posted on: June 9, 2019 at 15:07:17 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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than you think.

I think it’s too early to say it’s a disaster, because there are some players coming in that could make an immediate impact. But they are freshmen and I never believe in freshmen until they come in and actually produce. A lot of things need to fall into place for this team to even be a middle of the pack type SEC team.

This can be a very good team I think if:

1. Amber Smith has an outstanding senior season to top off her career, and by that I mean All SEC first or second team.

2. Both Blackwell and Frank are the real deal and play at a high level from day 1 (or at least by the time conference play rolls around) and average 15 ppg each.

3. Garner is healthy and gives us lots of solid quality minutes in the post.

4. Roundtree keeps improving, and either Troup or Chavis gets their shooting touch going consistently and averages 10-12 ppg.

5. A transfer appears from out of nowhere at either a front court or point guard position who is actually eligible to play this year (so no I’m not talking about Shug Dickson or the 6’4 former 5 star transfer from SC, who won’t be playing until 2020-21).

That’s a lot of ifs. If all or most all of them happen though, I think this team could possibly challenge for 4th-5th place in the SEC and be in the hunt for a home regional.

Problem is, I think it’s highly unlikely that most of these ifs actually happen. A more likely scenario is this (hope I’m wrong):

1. The team in general suffers from Sophie withdrawal as the void left from losing the emotional leader for the last 4 years isn’t filled by anyone.

2. The lack of even a mediocre front court causes us to get manhandled in the rough and tough SEC and we get routinely outrebounded.

3. The lack of a true point guard causes us to struggle just getting the ball upcourt and into a consistent rhythm on offense.

4. Coach RP continues to struggle at fixing the most glaring problem on the team for several years now, the carelessness at protecting the ball and the awful amount of turnovers.

5. One, or both of the highly touted freshmen have growing pains (like Berg), and don’t contribute as much as is desperately needed.

6. No one else among the returning players ups their game and contributes more on offense, meaning Roundtree, Troup, and Chavis.

If a number of those things happen, you are going to see this year be a rebuilding, not reloading, and we will finish somewhere in the 9-11 range in the conference and probably not qualify for the NCAAs.

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