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Going a bit overboard there

Posted on: June 9, 2019 at 10:50:33 CT
tigerden MU
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Look around the country and you will see lots of this transfer issue.
South Carolina has lost two players to Mizzou. They lost 4 transfer players during this offseason. Mississippi State lost a very good interior player before she even enrolled as a freshman this year. Texas A M lost two outstanding players off their team last year to transfer. Oklahoma State lost a very good player to Ohio State. UConn has lost several players in the last couple years to transfer. Vanderbilt has had some good players transfer. Tennessee has had multiple players transfer. Arguably their best player transferred this year. Texas lost a 6’7 post player this offseason. Arkansas has lost on a home state recruit that’s rated in the top 15 for next year to Oregon State. Marquette lost a top notch guard to transferring Virginia before she enrolled.
I could add more, but that’s enough for now.
Mizzou has lost some good players. Particularly Levy, and Berg would have contributed. In their place we’ve got an interior player, and a higher rated point guard in Shug Dickson. They may not be eligible this season. They are in on some very talented players yet this offseason and one would be eligible to play as a graduate transfer.
Mizzou has their best recruiting class in the programs history. If you haven’t seen Aijha Blackwell or Hayley Frank play you are in for a treat. I highly suspect Aijha and Amber Smith will be all SEC top 15 players. Hayley might be, but I’m not so sure about that.
Jordan Roundtree is a returning starter and likely to improve.
Mizzou is right in the mix on a couple top 25 recruits for next year. Jordynn Merritt from the Dallas area and Priscilla Williams from Branson. Either of these two would be a really good replacement for Amber Smith.
It’s the glass half full or empty question I suppose.
For those interested Tahane transferred to Rhode Island.

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