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On the eve of the annual Braggin Right game, I reflect

Posted on: December 21, 2016 at 15:25:50 CT
phrejd MU
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on my relationship with Mizzou Basketball over the years...

[phrejd, portrayed by Oscar-nominated actor, James VanderBeek]

When I think back to the days of Norm, I'm mostly like

But I also think about all the talented teams and players he had, yet was still unable to ever do much in the tournament, and I'm like

And I remember when they announced this hot new up and coming playboy named Quin Snyder as his replacement and I was like

Then when I started seeing the level of talent he was bringing in I was like

And those first few years, roaring into the tournament considered one of the hottest teams in the country, I was like

And when people at work would be talking about March Madness I'd be like

And in those years, even after we lost in the tourney, you could still look to what was coming the next year and be like

But then we'd start to hear some of the rumors... And at first I was like

And then I didn't think it was really all that big a deal, maybe just some

But then there were the rumors of

And I was like

And then more rumors, only now the winning seemed to be less of a thing and losses started to come with more frequency and Arthur Johnson gets rejected by the rim in horrific fashion and I was like

By then I was like

And then **** started getting pretty weird, and it became clear that it was like

And then it was over. We limped through the end of the season with Melvin Watkins leading things and the search for a new head coach was started.

There was the usual uncertainty around who the next coach would be, but when Mike Anderson was hired, I was like

And the optimism was right back again. Everyone looked at his style of play and the recruits he was able to attract and we were like

And things were good. Things were really good. There were the standard gripes and complaints about rebounding and gold pants and all the other horse****, but times were good.

So good, in fact, that when rumors of Anderson being a potential candidate for the HC job at Arkansas came up, I was like

Then when he actually TOOK the job I was like

And people were like "what's up with Mizzou basketball?" and I was like

But I knew, based on the program's history and the quality of candidates they'd attracted in the past and the huge potential for success, that this was just a bump in the road and the next guy would just step in and take it to the next level.

And then they announced the next guy. And I was like

And now when people asked "hey what's up with Mizzou basketball?" I was like

But lo and behold, the dude won. He won a lot. He brought in good players and they played well and it appeared he would indeed take the program to the next level, and I was like

And then, honestly, I don't know what the hell happened. The years were a bit of a blur. There were the allegations from Miami that still lingered and such, but overall, it felt like the relationship between Alden and Haith was just

And then he was gone...

And then a new search started, but this time there seemed to be a heck of a lot more angst. Every candidate name that was thrown out there was met with some level of skepticism for some reason or another, and everything we heard from the media regarding any high-profile candidate was basically

And then I really started to worry. What the hell was going on here? We'd gone from having one coach for 30+ years to having 4 coaches in 15. Was it just bad luck? Bad timing? Bad juju??? What the hell?

But when I started hearing Kim Anderson's name thrown out as a possible candidate, I was like

Then when I heard his name as a SERIOUS and even LIKELY candidate I was like

Then when they actually HIRED him I was like

But I was hopeful. I thought, "hey nobody liked the last guy and he actually did pretty well, so maybe a guy that is at least likable will do well too!"

And then the transfers, and I was like

And then the recruiting, and I was like

And then the losing, and I was like

And then the BLOWOUT losses and I was like

And people are like "TRUE SON!!!" and I'm like

And then I realize, for me, Mizzou basketball has become like

And I see that it's become the type of program that loses to Eastern ****ing Illinios, at HOME no less, and I'm like

So here we are, a few hours before what was once my absolute favorite sporting event of the year, and when I consider whether I'm even going to watch or not I'm like

But I'll probably watch.

I'll cheer for the team to do well and I'll truly hope for them to win.

I'll still allow that tiny glimmer of hope that these last few years were just a painful rebuilding process and our return to some level of success is just around the corner...

But if anyone knows of ANY potential replacement basketball coaches out there, I'm like

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