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Reds Apple Ale? What does it taste like?

Posted on: June 15, 2013 at 23:42:31 CT
Mr. Cheesers MU
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reading one review online. Most of the comments said it tasted like flat apple juice, or carbonated apple juice. No mention of beer or ale taste.

I ask because I am not a beer/ale w/e man. I have tried many time to become accustomed to the taste of it. Always makes me gag, unless its a Corona in a bar, not store bought. Or if I am way past gone then it really does not matter what I am drinking because it all tastes the same.
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Reds Apple Ale? What does it taste like? - Mr. Cheesers MU - 6/15 23:42:31
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               sorry, I meant meth - SoCalTigr UM - 6/15 23:49:47
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                    hot gay ass(nm) - Mr. Cheesers MU - 6/15 23:52:02

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