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Posted on: January 1, 2021 at 14:10:34 CT
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Last year on a 9-22 team Troup started 2/30 games. We brought in transfers Williams, Dufficy, Dickson, and Hansen. And now Troup has started every game this year. Has she improved that much over last year, when she couldn’t start for a pretty crappy team, or are Dufficy, Dickson and Hansen significantly overrated such that none of them can beat out Troup for a starting slot? Something is wrong with this picture.

Yes Williams had a rough game. She came in shooting 68% from the field (28-41), and only hit 4-16 shots. Hopefully this was an anomaly, sometimes even good shooters have a bad day once in awhile. But she ran up her stats against a really weak schedule. What will she do against significantly tougher SEC defenses is the question. And I’m not talking about Bama, they are at best the 8th best team in the conference.

The right players aren’t taking the shots. The situation with Frank is just ridiculous. She’s clearly the best pure shooter on the team. Why did she totally disappear in the first half? Why aren’t we running tons of designed plays with motion and picks to get Haley more open shots is beyond me. On the season she is hitting 10-17 on 3’s, 58%. Blackwell is hitting 6-20, 30%, Dickson is hitting 3-15, 20%. So of course Frank takes only 3 of our 15 3s yesterday, going 2-3, while AB and Dickson take 8 of 15, and go 0-8. Frank takes only 8 of our 58 shots from the field, and hits 50%. What’s wrong with that picture.

It’s really hard to win when you shoot 38% from the field and your opponent shoots 54%.

Starting lineup? I don’t know the answer. Coach Pingeton clearly believes Troup is one of our best 5 players and deserves to start over Dufficy, Hansen and Dickson. If that’s true then the highly touted transfers aren’t nearly as good as we thought. Maybe we need to shrink our playing time even more, idk. Bama played basically a 5 person lineup, with their starters playing 39, 38, 36, 34, and 32 minutes, with reserves playing just a few minutes here and there so the starters could catch a breath now and then. Maybe we pick our best 6, maybe 7 players and give them 95% of the available minutes. I’m really at a loss in terms of the lineup and starters. If those 3 transfers aren’t good enough to start over Troup it’s really not going to matter.

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