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RE: WBB recruiting question

Posted on: December 22, 2020 at 09:21:52 CT
Mizzhope MU
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Fontleroy has shot up the rankings in the last year. If the rankings are accurate the competition will be fierce .
The high end high school talent in Missouri in the near future is exceptional. If Missouri is ever to make a step up in the national picture under Pingeton this would seem to be the opportunity.
The 2023 class has Jada Williams from KC area, the 2024 class Breona Hurd from Waynesville. Both appear to be top national recruits.
Another top recruit in the 2023 class is from The Shawnee Mission area.
Getting a commitment from even one of these top , top seniors is a monumental achievement. The dominance of the top 10 -15 programs in recruiting is now well established. These players all seem to possibly fall in the top 20 of their class .
The number of even top 50 -60 players MU has ever landed is relatively small.
I think it is accurate that MU has some involvement with Williams dating back a few years. Hurd being from Waynesville might give MU some clear advantage, but who knows.
It’s almost certainly true that to have a decent chance to recruit this level of player MU has to show some real improvement on the court with its current team. Hoping to land these players with a below average SEC team is a long shot .
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