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if you want to retire early

Posted on: December 15, 2020 at 21:01:04 CT
meatiger MU
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you definitely don't want too much money in tax deferred accounts which would be subject to penalty.

For sure, also earn enough so you can walk away if you wish too. I go to the point of a salary where doing a Roth401K made no tax sense. Fortunately, I found an advisor that got be to contribute to Roth IRA, and I rolled a 401K to an IRA, and then to a Roth IRA and paid taxes years ago. My next goal is to build the non-qualified investments that will be taxed as capital gains..or I can move them to dividend stocks when I am ready. It can be a big pain to do oneself, so having a financial advisor does help with strategy. The part that sucks with them is they charge a lot by % of total invested...which is a lot more as you get more money.
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