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I’m pretty comfortable saying Frizell...

Posted on: November 12, 2020 at 18:49:20 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Will be starting at 1B the next 4 years. Just name your bet.

And yes, I singled out Honnold as looking very impressive in the fall games I saw. She and Nicholson are both in the mix in the infield the next 4 years. In just a short time LA has put together a lot of talent for the infield. Most of it is very young though, hope most of them are as good as advertised.

I would also like to see LA revive a California pipeline like EE had, you can’t go wrong there. But there are only so many kids you can fit on a team. She’s clearly focusing on locking down the local MO talent, and getting some elite players from out East, which has been her stomping ground for many years. Glad to see her pull a really good recruit out of Texas too.

But build a great team, top 10, top 15 every year, and the best kids from all over the country are going to be giving Mizzou a hard look. I’m more than satisfied with LA as a coach, leader, and recruiter.

Just wishing some dad from some obscure little town in Iowa, Nebraska, or somewhere would send her a video of his little known daughter pitching, where the ball hitting the catchers mitt sounds like a shotgun going off. That’s what got Mizzou softball going in the first place.

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