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Some initial reactions...

Posted on: November 12, 2020 at 15:33:10 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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1. Appears to be great quality in a modest sized class of 5. But we can effectively count Deters in, as she will have 4 years eligibility left and will be part of this class eligibility wise. That makes it even better.

2. Two of the best, Crenshaw and Daly, are both infielders, with the former described as SS or 2B, and the latter as SS, 2B, 3B. Looking at next year, we are loaded on the infield if Wert returns for her last year of eligibility. In that case, with Frizell a fixture at 1B, we will have Laird, Crenshaw, and Daly competing for the SS and 2B positions. How is that going to work out? They all are described as elite players. And that’s not counting Nicholson. If Wert doesn’t return in 2022, I suppose Daly slides into the 3B position and Laird/Crenshaw hold down SS/2B. Regardless, LA is building an infield second to none.

3. My only quibble is pitching. We have 4 quality pitchers right now who all have 4 seasons of eligibility left. Is the new pitching recruit better than any of those 4? It’s not encouraging to me to hear LA call her “consistent”, and to read the schools she turned down to come to Mizzou were SLU, SIU-E, San Diego, and Santa Clara. We need, every year, an elite pitching recruit (or two), who is better than one of our top 3 pitchers. It doesn’t appear we got that. I hope LA is looking for elite level pitching transfers to add in the future, there aren’t a lot out there but there are a few each year.

4. Current roster is 31, with no seniors (in eligibility) this will push it to 36 for 2022. Of course some current players will leave by then.
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