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VB team barely beats Arky in 5 sets...

Posted on: November 5, 2020 at 10:11:00 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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What’s going on here? We go up 2-0 in sets and blow a 13-7 lead in set 3, lose two sets in a row, at home, and need 5 sets to beat a mediocre Arky team that will finish in the bottom half of the SEC. This continues a pattern in tbe last 3 matches where we start strong and then fade badly.

We are of course missing two key starters from last season, Omazic and Member-Meneh. Omazic is out for the 20-21 season and won’t play again until the fall of 2021. Member-Meneh was announced on the TV broadcast as opting out of the fall season due to COVID, but she seems to have disassociated herself from the Mizzou team and doesn’t seem to be coming back. There is more to that story, wish Mizzou would just come clean and say what happened and if she is gone for good. I don’t mean all the dirty details, just has she opted out temporarily, or is she no longer with the program. That’s all.

So what we have left struggles to beat a team like Arkansas, at home. Sauer doesn’t play hardly at all last night, after starting the first 5 matches in the fall and having the third most attacks on the team. Is she injured? Coaches decision?

We have no presence in the middle without Omazic, Fuentes hardly bothers to set and run any offense through D’Cruz. We had a grand total of 1 block last night.

Deberg had a monster game, and we needed it. She hit .324 on 71 swings, with 28 kills, and added 13 digs, great all around game. Dixon has another good game, .286 on 42 attacks, and 18 kills. The bright spot last night was Hollingsworth-Santana reclaiming a starting spot and hitting .303 on 33 swings with 14 kills. Those three took 146 of the teams 174 attacks.

Just puzzling why this team plays so well at times and then loses it. Playing like this, with 2 key starters gone, it’s going to be tough to get one of the 16 at large bids next spring and make the tournament. Hopefully they pull it together tonight against Arky and in the last 2 fall matches two weeks later against Ole Miss on the road, show some consistency, and take care of business against teams we should easily handle.

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VB team barely beats Arky in 5 sets... - bluetiger_ MU - 11/5 10:11:00
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