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which available coach would you have hired

Posted on: June 24, 2020 at 10:17:37 CT
McMuffin HERD
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Instead that would have to taken the job coming out of the Kim Anderson disaster?

Not saying you don’t make good points and I have super high standards for Mizzou hoops. But at the time we outbid Illinois for a coach with regional ties and multiple ncaa Tournaments who also had enough cred to get the Porters to be comfortable coming home.

It may not be the best coach to retain long term, but through the lens of available options in 2017 it was about as good as could hope.

I think it is a shock to everyone that Mizzou hires an East St Louis native and our STL recruiting still has problems. The on court parts - good defense, ragged offense, bubble team as a ceiling - are kind of in keeping with Cuonzo’s track record elsewhere. One or two super star scorers would make it a winning formula. The lack of keeping top flight guys home post Porters is alarming for sure.

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