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Thanks, that explains it pretty well...

Posted on: May 7, 2020 at 08:32:53 CT
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Looking at the men’s 2020 season, at the point it ended in early March as conference tourneys were being played, it seems like the NET correlated fairly well with the RPI rankings in the top 25, to a certain point, with a few glaring exceptions, which started to exacerbate once you got below about the top 20 teams on the NET.

As of March 12, 18 of the top 21 teams in the NET rankings were also in the top 21 of the RPI, and most of them were pretty close in both rankings.

The glaring exceptions were:

Michigan State, 7 in the NET but 23 in RPI
Arizona, 14 in NET and 33 in RPI
Ohio State, 16 in NET and 37 in RPI

And in the lower part of the top 25 NET, two huge glaring differences:

Texas Tech 22 in NET and 71 in RPI
Michigan 24 in NET and 52 in RPI

Only one team in tbe top 25 of the AP poll had a huge discrepancy in the other direction, Auburn. Their NET ranking was 27 but their RPI was 5. And the most recent selection committee reveal has Auburn as a national seed at #13, which is strange, it looks like they were using Auburn’s RPI instead of their NET. Same for Michigan State, which had a NET of 7 but an RPI of 23, and barely was a national seed according to the selection committee, at #16.

I wonder if Mizzou in WBB will be one of those outliers that has a far better NET ranking than RPI, like MSU, Arizona, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas Tech. Our RPI rank during the Sophie years was always very healthy and assured we made the NCAA tournament without breaking a sweat.

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