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So WBB to switch from RPI to NET this season...

Posted on: May 6, 2020 at 07:36:59 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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As their numerical calculation of team strength, to use along with a number of other factors when deciding who makes the NCAA tournament and seeding decisions.

Great. Not following men’s basketball closely, I had just vaguely heard of NET and now have to try and understand it. RPI was pretty easy to understand, but had its flaws, as creative scheduling could ‘game’ the system in some cases.

Now I need to learn complicated things like Adjusted Net Efficiency and Team Value Index. I do like the concept though of valuing performance more or less based on whether it was an away, neutral, or home game.

Reportedly this was announced at this late date, even as non conference schedules are being put together, because teams should not have to change their scheduling philosophies because of the move away from RPI, which I don’t completely understand.

For any WBB fans here who are also big MBB fans, what do you think about moving from RPI to NET a few years ago? A spot check of RPI (which people still calculate for MBB despite it not being used by the selection committee anymore) vs NET shows some huge differences for some teams.

So will this help or hurt Mizzou WBB, or make no difference?
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So WBB to switch from RPI to NET this season... - bluetiger_ MU - 5/6 07:36:59
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