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Note To blue_

Posted on: February 9, 2020 at 13:31:23 CT
BruceInLA MU
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The blue_ man was wondering why Nichols was hitting on Saturday. It's noteworthy to be aware that we have an extremely thin (I did not say "weak") bench. Basically three subs (Cook, McGivern and Moll). I do not include Kadlec or Burks. Decker was ill and unavailable on Sat so that's why Nichols batted. George and Warick and Chaumont are all taking injury redshirts.

We are in trouble if any of our starters get hurt with the bench so thin (and inexperienced).

There's a thread below where I discussed Rollin's conversation with the nosey Baylor catcher on Saturday .I spoke to her mom on Sunday who said Jazzy told the catcher, "I wasn't talking to you". Well done!
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