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RE: True About Inconsistency and Overall Weaknesses

Posted on: January 14, 2020 at 13:45:12 CT
Fishtiger MU
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The lack of a point guard and decent subs, coupled with no apparent offense being run, makes them look desperate at get any kind of good look at a shot.Players have no idea what roles they have, and lack of execution is too obvious.I don't think anyone on this team is a great passer. Blackwell could be someday, but her careless passes drive fans crazy. She is not the only one though.Troup looks confused about her role also and needs to be in better shape probably.In a nutshell they are very disjointed teamwise and prayer for next year is all we got.
Watch Drury girls play and you can see the strong influence the coaches style has on her players. They play tough D, are fearless, and fundamentally sound for such a running team. They also are having fun playing this pressing and running style.

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