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RE: Only 2 people

Posted on: January 14, 2020 at 11:10:52 CT
Fishtiger MU
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Good.They still need help on shooting prep before shooting 3's. If they don't gather their lower body and "sit in their chair" [as Scott Wedman taught], as part of the shooting motion, they wind up catching and shooting with little lower body momentum and become arm shooters. [The best way to demonstrate this to a shooter is to have her stand flat footed at the 3 point line and shoot with no leg action at all.] What happens is they shoot way short or off center, then they usually begin to recognize shooting is very much influenced by lower body power muscles. Most great 3 point shooters shoot and release on the way up. Tom Nordland calls it "upforce".
[ Curry, Taurasi, Donzic,Taylor Robertson OU, Lauren Loven [Denver], Sophie C., shoot this way.
#13 Schuchts shot could easily be fixed if someone could teach her, but probably it is too late now.Hayley Frank has a good release and shoots with balance usually. Blackwell could be a great shooter, but her fundamentals are bad and need intervention.She is rarely balanced before a shot and her release is inconsistent. To be honest, some of those girls are still clueless how to shoot from any distance. Sadly, little teaching is done and sloppy AAU games are the wrong answer but parents and kids swear by AAU. There are exceptions though.

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