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Arkansas Game Reactions

Posted on: January 14, 2020 at 02:04:16 CT
Fishtiger MU
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There are multiple issues with this team. Many simply unforced to's, slow close outs on 3 point shooters, poor shot selection, poor and or careless passing, and no hedging on drives to the hoop. Free throw shooting and 3 point shooting need a shooting coach ASAP.
There is no excuse for not teaching our mostly slow girls how to hedge or overplay right handed players so they can't easily drive by them for easy lay ups or fouls. I saw this during UMKC game and it continues with baskets, fouls or easy put backs by the opposition.If I force you to go left the whole game, you will have many problems getting decent shots etc. Plus other defenders can steal the ball more easier and or give help knowing they will be going left the majority of the game.
RP has got to clarify to these girls the difference between a good shot and a great shot. Just slinging up a 3 cuz you are open is not a great shot if you are a below average shooter or your tired.
Blackwell and others need to use the freaking backboard for close in shots.If you use the backboard you are 6 to12 inches taller.No one has taught Blackwell how to face the hoop in triple threat position, use jab step to get the defender to react, and then attack the basket with minimal spinning. A simple pull up jumper avoids charging fouls also.
When I saw we are near the bottom in turnovers averaging 16 a game, I think it is way past time to keep ignoring the obvious here. Few of these girls fake a pass, few know how to pump fake in the lane or after a rebound. Those other coaches need to move on if they cant teach the fundamentals these girls have missed somehow. At least they wont keep beating themselves via turnovers and careless play.

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