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RE: Very weird box score

Posted on: January 6, 2020 at 00:18:18 CT
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I have watched them occasionally in the past, but haven't seen them this year. Was watching the football playoffs today. Looking at the team picture it appears they're close to a 1-1 ration of players/staff already, but I'm sure HCRP would be thrilled to add an old timer come in and do some consulting. Off to Carolina to watch Duke/Wake Forest next weekend, so have to wait till I get back.

Your probably already know this but the season stats suggest they don't have a lot of depth. The obvious problem statistically is that the assist/turnover ratio is killing them. The two freshman each playing 24+ minutes a game have combined for 83 turnovers!! The rest of the team actually has a positive assist/turnover ratio. It's pretty hard to make *impactful* adjustments when you turn the ball over that much, and until they fix that things are unlikely to change.

I'd definitely give fewer minutes to the Blackwell girl......in addition to leading the team BY FAR in turnovers, she's 2nd in attempted 3s and has BY FAR the worst 3 point percentage. That's a bad combination. (and she's also not been a good ft shooter even though she's attempted FAR MORE fts than anyone else).

Based on the scores it looks like they've lost several very winnable games and I suspect if they just cut the turnovers down to equal the number of assists they'd have won several of those.

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