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The results of that investigation uncovered

Posted on: July 1, 2019 at 12:44:31 CT
FIJItiger MU
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a two year internship in which players participated and completed the curriculum that was approved by our compliance department, but the compliance department dropped the ball on their vetting, which was deemed a level I violation. Also a level II violation (From July 2011 to July 2014, booster Fred Dehner was found to have provided impermissible benefits to 11 players and three members of a players’ family. The benefits included reduced rates at his hotel, plus meals and a free two-hour ride on his recreational boat. Also, a student manager provided transportation to three players from Columbia to the resort at the Lake of the Ozarks. The value of the extra benefits amounted to $966. This was considered a Level II violation) and a level III violation (The same booster who set up the internships also was found to have multiple impermissible recruiting contacts with Ahmed Hill from Augusta, Ga. Tuley and Tim Fuller attended a private workout at Hill's high school and Tuley later talked to Hill three times. Hill ended up signing with Virginia Tech. This was deemed a level III violation) were uncovered. The actual accusation of the anonymous source that prompted the investigation regarding Gant's recruitment proved unwarranted and does not appear in the report.

Here were the self-sanctions Missouri announced that the NCAA approved:

• Jakeenan Gant was suspended for the first nine games of the 2014-15 season. The other players who received impermissible benefits were no longer with the program.

• MU vacated all wins from the 2013-14 season, Haith's final year at MU.

• MU paid the NCAA a $5,000 fine.

• The basketball team self-imposed the loss of one scholarship in 2015-16 and an additional scholarship to be incurred no later than the 2017-18 season.

• MU placed restrictions on the recruiting activities of the basketball staff during the years of 2014-15 through 2016-17. Anderson’s staff is prohibited from talking to recruits on the phone for six weeks during the 2016-17 academic year.

• Former associate head coach Tim Fuller was prohibited from off-campus recruiting for three months.

• MU imposed a one-year postseason ban for the 2015-16 men’s basketball season, which included the SEC Tournament. MU will not receive league revenues from the 2016 tournament.


So we vacated the wins from the record of a coach we were trying to throw under the bus, elected to not assume the 14th seed in the postseason SEC tourney for 1 season and gave up the infinitely small opportunity at postseason play that year, took away 2 scholarships from a staff who couldn't get anyone to sign with them that were going unused anyway, and smeared the reputation of the assistant we had recently fired. No evidence of cheating by any members of the MU basketball staff were uncovered.

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