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What is interesting to me is that Coach RP...

Posted on: June 19, 2019 at 10:23:13 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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literally never did this in the past. So what has changed?

I don’t think anyone disputes that the 3 recruiting classes after Sophie have been underwhelming. Much of that due to not attracting quality talent, some of it bad luck with several quality players signing and then jumping ship right away.

Who was the last transfer player we got before Troup? I honestly can’t remember. And she wasn’t really a typical transfer, she never played a minute for S.C.

I’m as happy as anyone that she is changing her patterns and going big in the transfer pool. It’s not going to help us in 2019-20, but starting the next year on paper we look to have a team that finally has the talent and size to actually get out of the first weekend of the tournament, a goal RPs teams havnt come remotely close to achieving. Maybe she should have done it sooner. But her pattern has been to try and sign pretty much all high school kids, bring them in, Coach them, build relationships, promote the family theme. Now she’s changing her approach and good for her. If she wasn’t finally doing this now, this program would be taking a serious step backwards because of her lackluster recruiting the last few years.
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