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RE: So all this begs the question about Pingeton...

Posted on: June 18, 2019 at 22:52:13 CT
Mizzhope MU
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Blue I would say your clear eyed post pretty well sums up the state of the program.
On a positive note there is at this moment hope for an improving and reasonably competitive team in the 20-21 season. That optimism is based on Blackwell and Frank being quality starters and all transfers who have committed still on board by that time. Today’s transfer is a huge get for that one season. I have some early concern that Blackwell will remain a Tiger , considering what difficulty this team will face her freshman year. For the coming season , no post and no point, so the expectations are bleak.
Yes the recruiting in the last several years has been very poor. It seems obvious to me that if there are few in state recruits, and Pingeton can’t get those , the program is in trouble . Mizzou trying to fill the roster every spring with late recruits and transfers is a sure sign of trouble. At this time I cannot see reason to expect much more in recruiting from Pingeton and staff , but as a fan we all hope.
The loss of Levy and Berg were really devastating , as they both were sure contributors.
Fans who pin there hopes on the two players who have and will be red shirting are overly optimistic.
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