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Yes, that helped us a bit...

Posted on: April 10, 2019 at 09:10:19 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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It improved our winning percentage from 56.76% to 58.97%, which is 25% of our raw score. And, it improved our opponents winning percentage slightly, from 58.59% to 58.90%. That’s 50% of our raw score.

As of Monday, our adjusted score was .5830. To get our RPI rank up to, say, #35 or so, we need to move our raw score up to about the .5960 range. That’s doable, and this is why.

Right now our opponents winning % is 58.90% (870 wins to 607 losses), through 39 games. But our remaining 14 games are against teams that right now have a winning % of 75.15% (363 wins to 120 losses). If our past opponents and future opponents continue winning and losing at these rates, by the end of the regular season our opponents winning % will rise from 58.90% to 62.91%, which is huge since that metric is worth 50% of our raw RPI score.

That’s what gives me hope that we can move our RPI rank up into the middle 30’s or so. If we keep winning I could see our final RPI rank in the 32-36 range. That, plus our expected top 25 wins (4 now with many more opportunities) will be more than enough to secure an NCAA bid.

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