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Lucky for us...

Posted on: April 10, 2019 at 04:12:10 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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it doesn’t end today.

I think the current 43 will be our low point. With the remaining schedule, including Illinois yesterday, we have some good opportunities to move up into safer territory. I think we will probably end up in the mid 30s, maybe the 33-37 range, which will be fine, with our quality wins.

We have at least 4 top 25 RPI wins in the bank, against TN and KY. We have 3 chances to add sure top 25 wins against Ole Miss. Then, we have 6 more chances for possible top 25 wins against SC and Miss State, who are currently 23 and 25.

Some other possibilities:

Arizona St is currently 31, though they are getting thrashed in the PAC 12. Possible (but not likely) that they could sneak into the top 25 by years end, giving us another.

Georgia is up to 34, and should move higher. They could also sneak into the top 25, giving us 2 more wins. Their awful NC schedule will keep hurting them though.

And Louisville is trending well. They are at 33 now, and that doesn’t include the third game of their series against FSU, which they astonishingly won 2-1. Even though we lost to them, having them finish strong helps us a bit.

It’s not inconceivable we end up with something like 8-10 top 25 wins, which would be more than enough to get a bid even if our RPI ended up closer to 40. Few, if any, of the potential last 8-10 at large teams would have that on their resumes.

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