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Nice sweep of a decent team. Here’s the significance...

Posted on: April 9, 2019 at 18:27:29 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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We are now 23-16, 7 games over .500. Should be way better than that right now but thats ok. Can’t cry over spilled milk.

Assume we beat SEMO and UMKC in Columbia in our last two NC games. I know that’s not a given, with our losses to Pitt and IUPUI. But for the sake of argument, take it.

That puts us 9 games over .500. With a 53 game schedule right now, assuming we don’t add any more games (I would implore Coach LA not to), that means we only have to go 2-10 in our remaining 12 SEC games in order to be assured of finishing no worse than 27-26, which guarantees us with a .500 record even if we lose in the first round of the SEC tourney.

And we aren’t going 2-10 in our last 12 SEC games. I think we are going to go somewhere between 5-7 at worst to 8-4 at best. We will qualify for the NCAA tourney. If we are allowed to play.

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