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She isn't a classic scorer as I define it...

Posted on: November 27, 2018 at 09:22:31 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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you can disagree with my definition. But she never developed a short or mid range jump shot and is not the kind of scorer who can break down someone one on one. She is a great scorer, but gets her points in other ways.

She is struggling so far this season offensively, that's a fact. We really needed her to step up and take over against the two best teams we played, Green Bay and Michigan, and she shot 2-9 and 3-9 in those games for 8 and 9 total points. In the past she has saved some of her biggest games for our toughest opponents, see SC and Tennessee last year. Just not happening this year so far. She padded her stats against the likes of Western Illinois and Quinnipiac with 31 and 26 points, but even with those games included, her FG% is down from 54.2 to 42.5, 3 point% is down from 45.7 to 27.5, and her FT% is down from 83.6 to 63.9. Against the 3 best teams we played (GB, Michigan, Duke) she shot 8-32, 25%, and never broke double figures in points.

She's been all SEC from her first year on, and is an honorable mention AA. We need more from her. She clearly misses Cierra Porter as others have pointed out. And this "new" offense, whatever it is, or will become, is not helping things either.

The last two wins felt really good after the embarassment against Michigan. The road game Sunday at West Virginia is going to be a really tough test, against a team that right now, frankly, is more talented and athletic than we are. We need Sophie's A game in the worst way.

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