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Posted on: November 26, 2018 at 15:25:53 CT
Mizzhope MU
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First time poster here with some thoughts on the WBB team. I have enjoyed reading the discussions through the years on the VB team also. Blue tiger, have read your posts with interest.
Random thoughts
It’s sad to watch Cunningham struggle against the better teams, though not totally shocking as she has not diversified her offensive game through the years.
This team looks as if it will really struggle to score , tough to watch , hard to win .
The lack of playing time this weekend for Levy and Berg was a mystery. Berg in particular has a real court awareness and I believe will be a solid player. Levy is the only player on the team who can break a defense down. It seems the growing pains, and maybe additional loss or two , are worth it to keep those two on the court.
In today’s game the fact is , if you keep talented players on the bench, you risk losing them . Levy and Berg would HAVE to be key pieces if next years new talent can help Mizzou bounce back quickly.
Trying to win without size , and real athleticism on the perimeter is impossible .
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