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Posted on: October 31, 2018 at 21:20:35 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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And actually, the three players with the most turnovers were Sophie, Frericks, and Cierra, with 93, 72, and 61 respectively. Something Sophie needs to work on, although I think there will be less pressure on her to run the offense now that Levy is here and that should reduce the turnovers.

Good point about the new offense being designed not just to shoot a ton of 3s, but to spread the court and create opportunities and mismatches to let our quicker players get some easy baskets too. It will be tough against the biggest teams we play, when someone like Miss States McGowan is laying back to block anything that comes through. But against many teams it can and I think will be a very successful offense.

My only quibble is if by two very capable point guards you are including Aldridge along with Levy. Levy is in the mold of the classic point guard, but I'm in the camp with others that Aldridge is not. I think Lauren did a great job last year, stabilizing a weak position from the previous year, had a very good assist to turnover ratio, but she isn't a real point guard IMO. She is more in the mold of Lindsay Cunningham who wasn't a true point guard either but had to play one on TV.

I'll be interested to see where Lauren plays this year and how much, and if she is paired with Levy for significant minutes, or if they spell each other. If Levy is the starting point guard as I think and hope she will be, then you add in Sophie and Amber Smith, you only have 2 more spots on the floor. And a number of very capable players to fit into those last two spots, including Aldridge, Troup, Berg, Chavis, Roundtree, etc. and if we use Schuchts and/or Tahane for significant minutes to add some size and bulk inside, that leaves even fewer minutes for that other group. That situation then gets exacerbated if/when Garner becomes available.

It's a good problem for Coach RP to have, a wealth of capable players and pieces to work with. We have enough talent and numbers on this team to almost run two fresh groups of 5 players at an opponent. Sophie though needs to get her 30-35 minutes a game and stay out of foul trouble, which has been one of her very few weaknesses.

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