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Posted on: October 31, 2018 at 19:41:11 CT
Harvest MU
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I watched that NCAA game last year and the other team wasn't just shooting threes, they were driving to the basket at will because they had the floor so spaced out. So I think that can help offset a cold shooting night. Sophie is terrific scoring the ball on drives and I think Amber Smith can as well as some of the freshman.

This year they will have not one but two very capable point guards, and some back up guards with quickness. That should help reduce turnovers. Porter was a good player but I think she had a fairly high turnover rate.

A key will be can the smaller players go down and slap the ball away from a bigger forward or get in the passing lane and steal the ball.

I actually applaud Coach Pingeton for being willing to try a new approach that can hopefully fit her personnel better.
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