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Here is the challenge Mizzou VB faces...

Posted on: October 29, 2018 at 17:59:54 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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in making a late charge for a top 16 national seed. And it is one of the 3 concerns I have with Kreklow, who is one of the best coaches around in terms of developing players and teams and having his teams improve over the course of a season.

His timid non conference scheduling puts Mizzou in a difficult position pretty much every year when it comes to seeding in the NCAA tournament. It's hard enough playing in the SEC where there are so few opportunities for signature wins that impress the selection committee, and so many opponents with crummy RPIs who drag down our RPI.

Mizzou currently sits at #24 in the RPI ranking, and here is Mizzou, and the 8 teams in front of us in those rankings in order to get to #16, with overall strength of schedule rank and non conference strength of schedule:

24 Mizzou 94/151
23 UCLA 9/35
22 Cal Poly 111/75
21 Baylor 16/14
20 Marquette 42/10
19 Florida 59/64
18 Oregon 17/29
17 Creighton 61/18
16 Penn State 30/81

Our non conference SOS is just awful compared to those 8 teams we would have to pass to be in range for a national seed. Creighton, for example, scheduled 4 non conference games against teams in the top 14 of the RPI: Illinois, USC, Kentucky, Nebraska.

You will never ever see Kreklow do anything even close to that. And it puts Mizzou in a difficult, uphill position every year when it comes to the critical goal of securing a top 16 national seed. Just like in softball and women's BB, getting that national seed and a home regional is absolutely critical to success in the NCAA tournament. And yes, I'm aware we advanced to the sweet 16 last year by winning a regional on the road. That was a very fortunate circumstance of getting into a regional with several suspect teams. Upgrading our non conference schedule would help us position ourselves better for the NCAA tournament, but it's clear now that is just not in Kreklows DNA.

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