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That 's the point you seem to keep missing

Posted on: September 13, 2018 at 14:33:57 CT
longtimereader MU
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Players of Tilmon's raw talents and ability don't care about being All American. They dream about the NBA and being paid. So they want to develop and improve the skills that get them there. If you want to continue to get that caliber of player as a coach you better be good at helping them develop that way. For what you want you need to take a player like Braun or Nikko with no NBA level talent but can be good college players and develop their low post skills into what your talking about. Then play them along side Tilmon
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Liddell's coach on his developement - FIJItiger MU - 9/13 09:10:33
     I have heard that Tilmon’s jumper is developing nicely - wu-tangtiger MU - 9/13 09:47:28
          Man, he would be a dominant force if he focused - FIJItiger MU - 9/13 10:26:58
               a dominant college force, sure but would have no NBA career(nm) - MizzouAstro MU - 9/14 09:00:03
               He can do that too - wu-tangtiger MU - 9/13 10:32:51
                    RE: He can do that too - FIJItiger MU - 9/13 10:35:34
                         RE: He can do that too - Third_Eye STL - 9/13 11:00:07
                              Talking about college though, not NBA - FIJItiger MU - 9/13 11:32:59
                                   That 's the point you seem to keep missing - longtimereader MU - 9/13 14:33:57
                         There are guys like that both in college and the pros - wu-tangtiger MU - 9/13 10:47:11
                              I'm not surprised at hearing that about either of them - longtimereader MU - 9/13 14:37:30
                              RE: There are guys like that both in college and the pros - Third_Eye STL - 9/13 11:08:39
                              As long as our guards can get JT & JP the ball - jlbomega MU - 9/13 10:54:22
                              Yup, we are fortunate enough to have one - FIJItiger MU - 9/13 10:52:19
                                   Keep in mind that Tilmon expanding his game will - wu-tangtiger MU - 9/13 12:34:14
                                        Hopefully its closer to a range of 0-0.5 per game (nm) - FIJItiger MU - 9/13 14:04:11
                                             depends on his efficiency - wu-tangtiger MU - 9/13 14:14:53

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