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RE: He can do that too

Posted on: September 13, 2018 at 11:00:07 CT
Third_Eye STL
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This is not 1985 or 95, there is a reason as a low post player you have to be able to knock down the 12-15 footer to be coveted and considered elite in the NBA, the game is played different because it’s officiated differently to allow for more freedom of movement with more spacing to open the floor for more scoring. Look at Embiid and KATowns as an example of todays 7ft all star centers, or the stretch 4 that can knock down shots and put it on the floor. A strictly back to the basket player is much easier to defend than a multidimensional player that can make shots.

What you have seen today is low post players totally abandoning around the basket low post moves to just sit around the perimeter and jack jump shots which i dont like at all so fewer and fewr possess that skillset, but its still a coveted part of a low post player game . I don’t understand the logic of not wanting a multidimensional low post player versus having one that is strictly one dimensional !!

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