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Sure thing...I'll go line by line with this for you.

Posted on: May 19, 2022 at 18:18:33 CT
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(1) Like I stated Treylon Burks is key #1 so we agree there. They're done getting anymore receivers for 2022.
(2) #2 receiver is replaceable

(3) They didn't lose their "top" RB. The starter was/is actually Dominique Johnson, he didn't play some games due to injury. (Remember him from Mizzou; he became their starter!). The younger Raheim Sanders is like the "other" starter. AJ Green with newbies Rashod Dubinion & James Jointer may be next. Most of these guys have higher ceilings than scatback Trelon Smith.

(4) Top tacklers were linebackers. New linebacker Drew Sanders look like an NFL stud and is already a starter, Bumper is back and their committee of linebackers shows they might be better overall. Remember they're also getting all-american S Jalon Catalon back. Catalon didn't play last half of 2021 due to injury.

(5) Pass rush, what pass rush? They rarely got to the QB in their 3 man front or whatever front. It was an achilles heel. They had Tre Williams and that was about it. The new transfers (if healthy) can show progress overall there.

(6) OL is still a strength with only one position that has minor debate.

(7) Odom quickly replaced those two (good S & good CB) who transferred to LSU with two good ones from LSU & Georgia.
In your face Brian Kelly.

(8) To simplify...the only significant question marks are replacing Treylon Burks & also John Ridgeway. But those are big question marks.

(Mmmm) Next would be for a CB. Ark lost two. But they did get that 2022 LSU transfer CB. Maybe their underclassmen CB Keane Parker is ready enough.

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