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It is unwatchable for me, for all those reasons, in a

Posted on: May 16, 2022 at 08:02:55 CT
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game I've played for over half a century. Yes, the charge/block is by far the worst and it could be vastly improved if the ncaa, in its infinite uselessness and indifference, wanted to do so. I think the ref is watching the O and has no idea how long the D has been standing there motionless, hands straight up, gets knocked on his ass and commits a foul. Also, a simple rule change or two would help. Like, contact, absolutely impossible in today's game, does NOT have to result in an automatic foul. It often isn't but then the game is now called very inconsistently, depending on several factors. One example: At end of close game, when refs know trailing team wants to foul, they'll call one no matter WHAT happened. All it takes is the D swipes at the ball and only hits air. Drives me up the wall.

Thats not the rules but they don't care. I've told people to boycott a game totally to get some attention and they laugh, like I'm an idiot. It MIGHT work but the fans are also too ignorant, or indifferent, to, uh, miss a game.

They can't bear to be so disloyal. And the game muddles along.
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