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You're correct to question that

Posted on: April 2, 2021 at 10:06:31 CT
Guinny_Ire MU
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You're right I was addressing the EA Sports thing. This is larger than my answer given.

If you allow individual market value deals, college football and basketball are over. Negotiations, teams with a stronger financial demographic will dominate college sports. Nashville is a growing city and you'll be able to rank teams based on the geographical wealth of the schools to a degree. Harvard, Yale, Columbia (if they want) will be relevant again. Not on fan support but on the basis of their alumni's ability to negotiate individual licensing rights. You might as well go to a NBA C league and and NFL B league/minor leagues. The transfer portal will become the secondary market for these kids to get a valuation from the top teams in the upper league (conferences will disappear).

If we're worried about kids getting their market value or "gettin paid', most of these kids are done at the end of college. Have the NCAA negotiate a lump payment, and you get a share of that pool of cash for every year you play from that years negotiation. It's escrowed til you leave college. Obviously, there will be in place forfeiture clauses (rape, pillage, how much of a season you played before being booted with cause etc).

This write up has been interrupted with BS calls from my wife repeatedly, so if there is something that doesn't make sense or I've got something wrong, let me know.
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