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Mizzou softball holding steady this week...

Posted on: March 31, 2021 at 11:55:40 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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In the major polls and RPI.

After taking the series from Auburn, we are #17 in the NFCA, #18 in D1 Softball, and #20 in ESPN polls.

Our RPI rank, through March 28 games, rose one, to #17.

Here are the SEC RPI ranks now:

1. Alabama
3. Florida
4. LSU
6. Arky
9. Auburn
15. Tennessee
17. Missouri
26. Kentucky
27. Georgia
33. Ole Miss
35. SC
38. TAMU
41. Miss St

Our best non conference RPI wins are over:

11. FSU
28. UCF
33. Ole Miss
47. Iowa St
54. S. Alabama

We are in good shape to finish in the top 16 in RPI, if we keep winning, and keep collecting signature wins over high RPI teams. Already have 2 over #9 Auburn. And have 4 series coming up against 3 Florida, 4 LSU, 6 Arky, and 15 Tennessee. Lots of opportunity there. Also have series left with 35 SC and 41 Miss St, which won’t hurt us.

Just stepping on the field with #195 SLU yesterday hurt us marginally. Glad we didn’t play 2.

Sitting at #17 now, and there are still some riff raff anomalies in front of us that will clear out when more games are played and more data points are created, those include:

5. Fairfield (4-2)
8. Canisius (2-4)
10. Villanova (13-7)

#13 Liberty is also in front of us, but they could hang around in the top 20-25, as they will have a very good record and played a really tough non conference schedule.

Without a truly great pitcher, we aren’t one of the top 10-12 teams in the nation, so I see us fighting with about 8-10 other teams for a national seed in the 12-16 range, and we are situated very well for that right now. Just need to keep piling up the wins. My benchmarks from here on out to secure a national seed and home regional:

At least 2-1 at SC this week
3-0 against Miss St at home
1-2 against Florida at home
2-1 against LSU at home
3-3 combined on the road against Tennessee and Arky.

That would put us at 14-10 in the SEC, 38-14 overall, which will be enough to get a home regional. Even 13-11, 37-15 will get us a home regional.
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